Thermochem provides chemical engineering, laboratory analysis, geochemistry, field testing services and products to a wide range of energy industries. From base operations in the Western USA and South-East Asia, Thermochem has served oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy companies for more than 30 years.

The primary focus of Thermochem is to protect the long-term assets of their clients and to increase the efficiency of their operations through consulting and testing services, and innovative chemical process development, designed to optimize energy extraction and power generation operations.

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To maximize the return on the assets of our clients, by ensuring the most efficient use of their resources and equipment. We strive to provide early detection of potential problems and innovative solutions for sustainable utilization of the resources they have developed.


Safety and Environment Quality Integrity Responsiveness

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Thermochem operates two specialized geothermal fluid analysis laboratories (USA and Indonesia) where samples from around the world are shipped for analysis. Both facilities provide a base for all our field testing capabilities, including geochemical exploration, two-phase sampling, TFT®, reservoir tracer testing, downhole sampling, PTS logging, production well flow testing, and power plant performance testing. These locations also serve as our regional bases for instrumentation and equipment assembly and specialized product sales.
The USA facility serves as our Geothermal Research Center with manufacturing, machining, welding and assembly capabilities for production well flow test equipment, chemical process treatment equipment (pH-mod and corrosion mitigation), on-line steam quality and purity analyzers, wellbore logging tools and electronics. Mass flow controllers for gas, steam, and liquid are used for primary flow calibration and testing of field equipment and on-line monitors. A steam generation test loop provides saturated and superheated steam for calibration and testing of wellbore tools, power plant monitors, and instrumentation. Flow calibration loops are available for testing flowmeters and wellbore velocity sensors.
Thermochem maintains a large inventory of state-of-the-art laboratory and field instrumentation needed to deliver the high-quality results our clients have come to expect from our world-class services over the last 30 years. Click here for a detailed list.

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Thermochem’s global technical leadership team is comprised of highly qualified scientists and engineers with expertise including integrated project management, chemical process engineering, chemical simulation modeling, analytical chemistry, geochemistry, mechanical engineering, 3D CADD design, electrochemistry, electronics design and computer science.